The Financial Planning Process


The initial consultation for a potential new client is at our expense; after all, how will we know if we can add any value to your financial planning without meeting you and discussing your circumstances and objectives?

Following our consultation (which in more complicated scenarios could take place over numerous meetings) we will design a personal financial plan – supporting this with cash flow modelling, where appropriate. This is very much a two-way process and we will always ensure that you are comfortable with the plan before progressing onto the next stage.

The fee for the implementation will vary depending on the amount of work involved in moving from the current position to that proposed in the agreed financial plan. It is very important to us that you don’t get any nasty surprises and so we will always agree the fee with you and the most efficient method of payment before starting the implementation.

When the agreed financial plan has been implemented it is important to ensure that it remains appropriate for you. This means updating and adapting the plan at regular intervals to suit changing personal circumstances, needs, objectives, markets, legislation and risks.