About Us

Oakley Place Ltd is a financial planning business established to ensure that genuine whole-of-life holistic financial planning can be completed for our clients.

Many firms in the financial planning industry are amalgamated with national or multinational organisations; global companies frequently ‘swallow up’ smaller competitors and reorganise them for ‘efficiency’ purposes. This often involves the closure of regional offices, resulting in clients losing the long-term relationships they have enjoyed both with their financial planner and their local administrative team.

At Oakley Place we are committed to the long term provision of whole-of-life financial planning. There is a clear succession plan in place to ensure that clients work with a trusted financial planner and named administrator for the long term, providing peace of mind, continuity and consistently high levels of service.

Oakley Place Ltd is based in Shropshire and offers a personal service to clients throughout the United Kingdom.

We specialise in working with clients for the long term, developing strong, trusting relationships. When we engage with a new client, we follow the process described in ‘The Financial Planning Process’ section of our website. The aim of this initial work is to compile a comprehensive financial plan and to provide ‘cash flow modelling’ (projecting the future value of your capital and income). To ensure the success of the plan, it is then reviewed and updated regularly taking into account changes in circumstances and needs, financial markets and legislation.

At Oakley Place we are passionate about doing things properly and making a genuine commitment to long term relationships with our clients.

If you have any questions about Oakley Place Ltd or our services, please call on the main telephone number (0330 001 0715*) or send an email to [email protected]

*The 033 number is included in all ‘minutes inclusive’ call plans on landlines and mobile phones.