Investment Management

Effective investment management should always start with a robust financial plan. Ensuring that your objectives and priorities are understood is key to this financial plan (and therefore your investment) being successful. At Oakley Place we work closely with your professional advisers, such as Accountants and Solicitors, to ensure that your financial plan is comprehensive and appropriate.

Where your wealth should be placed depends on many factors, including what you are hoping to achieve from the investment. We will always consider the amount of risk you are comfortable accepting (and can afford to take) with the capital, your current and probable future tax positions and time horizon for investing. We will then review all of these factors regularly, as part of your wider financial planning, to ensure that the investment remains suitable for you.

Oakley Place has access to every option available to truly independent financial planners and your money will never be placed into an investment just because it is a convenient solution for the financial planner.

We have negotiated significantly reduced charges for our clients with their investment providers. We work on our clients’ behalf to get the best deal for them as investors. The savings will always be passed onto our clients and all charges for each element of the investment and financial planning will be set out clearly and explicitly.